"My time doing Qigong with Joe leaves me energized, revitalized and more in touch with my life force than ever before" 

- Bill B.

"I have a headache most of the time and a lot of anxiety, both from PTSD. By the end of Joe’s Qigong class, I am relaxed and the headache is usually gone. Recently I have also found individual sessions to be very helpful in relieving anxiety related to my PTSD. " 

- Steven B.

"Qigong is such a wonderful way to raise your vibration and tune in. I look forward to more classes with Joe." 

-Jill/Yoga Teacher

"Joe is a master Qigong teacher. I give him my highest recommendation. With his instructions I learned to slow down my body, relax tension and find my way back to a more natural balance. This feels at once grounding and energizing. As my body softens and centers so does my heart and my mind." 

-Christina Giebisch, LCSW