Qigong And PTSD

Qigong is an excellent adjunct therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder and other agitated or depressed emotional states. PTSD is caused by an over-activation of the midbrain, where the flight-fight-freeze system resides. It is as if there is a major alarm switch that is stuck on "ON". The reason that verbal psychotherapies do not always soothe the deepest aspects of PTSD and other types of emotional anguish is that thinking with words takes place in a different area of the brain, the forebrain. Qigong effects the physiology and thereby can bring about a calming of the midbrain, which leads to a reduction in the hyper-arousal, hyper vigilance, anxiety, and psychosomatic symptoms that are part of PTSD.

Because Qigong is an energy discipline, it effects the nervous systemic in a deep and profound way. It is both calming and energizing at the same time. Daily practice can be very helpful in regulating one's emotional life, and practicing over time is rewarded by spending more and more time in a peaceful state of mind.

 Since Joe FitzGerald is a psychotherapist as well as Qigong practitioner, he has a unique set of skills that he uses in applying Qigong to emotional problems.