Joe FitzGerald LCSW has been a student of Qigong for the last seven years. He has trained with Jeff Primack and is a certified instructor by the School of Supreme Science in Florida. He has also studied Qigong empowerment and Qigong healing with Master Robert Peng, an internationally recognized Qigong master. Currently, Joe is a student of Michael Winn who is also an internationally recognized expert in Qigong and Taoism. Joe is dedicated to introducing others to the blessings Qigong can bring to one's life: vitality, serenity, compassion and spiritual growth.

Joe is also a psychotherapist, in practice for over 35 years, specializing in the treatment of trauma and its devastating effects on the mind, heart and soul. He is a certified EMDR therapist and consultant. (EMDR is a research based therapy for PTSD and other mental and emotional problems.) 

He has trained in many therapy modalities over the years including: gestalt therapy, hypnotherapy, mind-body therapy, emotional release therapy and also more traditional psychodynamic psychotherapies. Joe offers therapy and healing sessions for trauma survivors, bringing together his unique skills as a psychotherapist and as a Qigong teacher.  

Joe Fitzgerald